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Summer Solstice - June 20, 2004

Why now? Why not? - thoughts on abundance and timing

From effervescent to rowdy - invitation (pdf) to celebrate

A country fête, indoors and out - map (pdf) to Wild basin Lodge

The usual suspects - attendant bios

A champagne toast in the forest

"Here's to succulent days and juicy nights!"
Sibyl's toast, 1958

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Flagon and trencher - to jolly table, for food and drink

Comfort and style - a dress casual guide

Are you kidding . . . McGuckin Hardware has a wedding gift registry?!? - an aging hippie couple's wish list

The afterglow - memorable summer solstice moments


Why Now? Why Not?

Jim and Deborah taught together at the E.I.E.I.O. in 1982, an era of living large and playing hard. For years, they ran around here and ran around there as pals. When they spied each other across the table, they weren't sure what had changed, but things were different. Liz commented on Jim's good thighs, but said to wait for the "L" word. "Lubbock?" Jim wondered aloud. So they took that as a sign to share a home.

Fifteen years later, their roots and limbs and lives are so entangled, they don't know where one starts and the other ends. Friends before lovers. It's the most succulent dessert after a most satisfying meal. They have peeked around the corner and like the road they see. They want to celebrate the beginning of this new path in front of friends and family.

The Usual Suspects

Almost everything we say about these folks is true. Guess and decide.

Dennis Luczycki, celebrant

Dennis was raised by wolves. That accounts for his sharp eye and love of meat. He is a tai chi master and flies around the country finding substitutes for sick and malingering teachers in various school districts. If you need to know anything about building and hanging gates with a whack-o assistant, ask him.

Don Neal, best boy

Don grew up in a small apartment over his father's dentist office. He and his five brothers learned the joys of laughing gas in the wee hours of the night. He is about to retire from many years of playing with milk, water, and HIV samples. He's practicing making little signs that read "Gone fishin'."

Mizz Lizzie Foster, head girl

Lizzie grew up on the campus of a private school, where she ate for free most of her life. She wiggled her ears for dimes as a young girl to earn money for her Barbie collection. She now handles millions of dollars, one by one, to endow chairs and invest bequests for a major parochial university in Texas.

Tom Sacker, another good boy

Tom mysteriously woke up from a coma at Woodstock. It must have been the brown acid. He is now an emergency psychiatric nurse, so tell him all your problems. No, really, he wants to know all your problems.

Jo McKinney, a really good girl

Jo tended her daddy's 'still, deep in the East Texas piney woods. The day she accidentally started a grass fire made the papers. Sometimes she drives around scouting for good-looking men to move in with. She got tired of making coffee for everyone, so sold it all and is floating on a boat somewhere in the Keys.

Beth Collier-Fogdall, supreme color woman and good eye

Beth grew up next to a Lego factory where her mom picked up "seconds" for the kids to play with. It accounts for her ability to make all things fit. She teaches dance, yoga, art, pottery, jewelry, and intermediate rafting for Texan tourists, where she has gleaned a lot of pocket change and sunglasses.

Tony Robledo, music man

Tony will go as far as Jamaica for a Little Feat show. He has asked Bonnie Raitt to marry him. She said no, but when Tracy Chapman heard about it, she was pretty miffed that she had been ignored. You can catch a glimpse of his cracky as he bends over to hook things up at the Boulder Theater and on the road.

Celeste Ramsay, graphic designer and daughter

Celeste's daddy took advantage of her mother's child-birth etherization and gave her a mountain range for a middle name. Ask her which one. She presently lives in Portland where she is collecting the stories of salmon smokers for an upcoming novel. Her favorite food is toast, harder to make than one would think.

Steven DeBord, videographer and little brother

Steezie has ridden bulls in the rodeo. He quit the day he saw the bull he had turned down kill the man who accepted it. A recovering Morman, he finds it difficult to manage multiple women. Ask him how to make a cave blow up in class. Ask him how to light money on fire so that it does not burn. Ask him where the body is buried.

Flagon and trencher

Hors d'oeuvres

  • Brochette with herbed chèvre, roasted red pepper, black Greek olives
  • Brochette with roasted eggplant/olive tappanade
  • Crab spread on cracker
  • Egg deviled with salmon mousse
  • Painter's Bridge Chardonay
  • Rosemont Shiraz/Cabernet
  • Laughing Lab ale
  • Redstone mead
  • Still water and soft drinks

Festive toast

  • Balvenie Doublewood single-malt
  • Peach nectar

Spirited supper

  • Flame-grilled bamboo skewers:
    • Tequila/lime marinated shrimp and bay scallops with caramelized onion wedges
    • Chicken satay
    • Marinated veggie sticks (mushroom, cherry tomatoes, zucchini)
    • Fruit braised in honey (pineapple, kiwi, strawberry)
  • Dipping sauces (In small bowls on guest tables):
    • Garlic crumb
    • Peanut/coconut sauce
    • Mango salsa
    • Raspberry chipotle cream
  • Poached salmon with paper-thin cucumber slices
  • Purple bean/tomato/feta/basil salad with tarragon vinaigrette
  • Three potato salad (yukon gold, new red, yam)
  • Herbed solstice bread, hunked, not sliced
  • Scottish shortbread basket (in lieu of wedding cake)
  • Wine, beer, and mead
  • Iced Crystal Springs water with lemon slices
  • Coffee and cider

Comfort and style

Wild Basin is a rustic lodge on the middle St. Vrain River, snuggling up to Mt. Copeland, surrounded by delicious meadows and other inviting places to explore. Our hand-fasting ceremony will unfold in the amphitheatre with hors d'oeuvres and whiskey toasts in the lodge and on the deck, followed by a buffet supper with tables indoors and out. Jim will be kilted (no peeking) and Deborah will be in silk inspired by the 40s. Dress for festive comfort and stylish flirting. And, of course, throw some sneaks in the back seat for later.

Are you kidding . . . McGuckin Hardware has a wedding gift registry?!?

Deborah needed plastic fly swatters, but in different colors for team game silliness in the classroom. She asked the green-vested boy if that might be possible. "Aisle 9C, and not only are they in different colors, but they scream like dying flies when you swat!" From tupperware to tents, McGuckin's has it all. And what better, more fun place to make a wish list that tickles you? They are keeping a registry of specific items for us. We also always enjoy things to share with friends…candles, music, wine, and birdseed.

McGuckin Hardware
4545 Arapahoe, Boulder

The afterglow

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